About us

The Future Memory Foundation (FMF) was started as the basis from which the Future Memory paradigm can be applied to the conservation and presentation of the memory of Nazi Crimes and Holocaust.

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The initiative to form FMF was taken by Prof. Paul Verschure, a psychologist, and director of the SPECS-lab at the Institute for Bioengineering of Catalonia in Barcelona, Mr Ernst J. Numann, vice president of the Dutch Supreme Court, and Prof. Habbo Knoch, historian of the University of Cologne – previously director of the Foundation of the Memorial Sites of Lower Saxony. With bringing together their expertise, building on their collaboration in developing  “Here: Space of Memory” a novel 3D interactive installation for the Memorial center of Bergen Belsen, they wished to advance a new approach to represent and preserve the memory of the core sites that define the Holocaust in Europe.

This new advanced approach is Future Memory. It combines virtual and augmented reality with integrated databases of graphical reconstructions and historical sources to allow us to actively explore and try to comprehend the incomprehensible: the massive scale of the crimes Nazi Germany perpetrated on the world and the depth of the destruction and suffering it caused.

The SPECS research group has been pioneering this approach over the last 15 years and grounded it in its fundamental research in psychology and neuroscience. For design, software development and technical support we collaborate with Eodyne Systems.

The implementation of the Future Memory approach is also discussed on the page Memory in the digital age.


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