Exhibit of 3D Reconstruction of Bergen Belsen at the Wiener Library in London

The Future Memory foundation in collaboration with the research group SPECS,  the Wiener Library, and the Bergen-Belsen Memorial centre, is presenting a unique installation to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps. This installation is a 3D reconstruction of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp as it stood on 15 April 1945, when it was liberated by the British Army. Visitors will be given the opportunity to learn about the camp through exploring a virtual environment: viewing areas within the camp’s reconstruction, and learning about the camp’s history through digitised documents and photographs.

This exhibition shows how the use of virtual and augmented reality techniques can help to maintain and anchor historical facts to collective memory and enhance cultural heritage education.

IFrame Wiener Library-BB-installation2_crop2000

The 3D reconstruction of the Bergen Belsen concentration camp is based on the best current knowledge of how the camp stood after the liberation in 1945. This reconstruction was initially developed as part of the installation “Here, Space of Memory” a collaborative effort between the research group SPECS and the Bergen-Belsen Memorial Centre. Contributors to the wider project based at the Belsen Memorial, entitled ‘Here: Space of Memory’ have included historians, scientists and technicians from multiple disciplines as well as survivors of the camp.

At the Bergen-Belsen Memorial site a three-dimensional, virtual model of the former camp that was fully destroyed after its liberation, has been constructed and presented within a three-wall-projection space. This immersive interactive installation was linked with a mobile tablet based application. This setup allowed visitors to physically visit the former campsite and perceive and experience the historical spatial structures and details of fences, buildings and camp sections as part of the landscape.  For more information click here.

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